Congratulations to the winners of our first ever Road Safety Idea Hack
1st Prize
by Digify

Members: Gaile Sarmiento, Rodelio Arenas

Solution: J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just Another RoadSafety's Very Intelligent Service) mobile app is a driver companion app that can serve as a driver's companion to Road Safety (with Handsfree and Voice Command features). It provides data visualizations, guides and safety statistics and uses AI and machine learning to customize the user-experience and improve data analysis

2nd Prize
by Haraya

DriVR is a comprehensive driver exam in Virtual Reality, that tests drivers in actual Metro Manila traffic conditions and situations, in order to eliminate common sources of bottlenecks and accidents. Drivers won't just be tested if they know how to move a car, but more importantly they are tested in road courtesy, safety techniques, and respect for the law. 

3rd Prize
Unlocking Hidden Patterns in 10+ Years of MMDA Road Crash Data
by Thinking Machines

Members: Pia Faustino, Stephanie Sy, Mika Aldaba Gilian Uy, Reg Onglao
Solution: Unlocking Hidden Patterns in 10+ Years of MMDA Road Crash Data
A series of online interactive data visualizations based on the MMDA’s biggest road crash data set,

Special citation - Open Source Award
by Joseph Emmanuel Dayo

RoadSafe is an android app that uses the DRIVER platform data in order to create a realtime risk assesment of your surroundings while you are driving or walking. The app will, using voice overs and notifications, provide alerts and suggestions about the possible dangers in your vicinity. A special algorithm runs in the backend to calculate various risk factors and relay them realtime to the app. Future versions aim to provide more advanced risk assesment and routing suggestions. Historical data is based on the 2015 incident database.

About Road Safety Idea Hack

The IDEA HACK Competition encourages creative use of ICT, digital media , and road data in addressing one of the problem statements in road safety. These solutions can be apps, platforms, websites, visualizations, advocacy campaigns, paper prototypes, maps etc. The challenge aims to use the DRIVER platform in creating solutions to improve road safety in the country such as, but not limited to the following:

  1. Create visualizations/guides on how to use the DRIVER platform;
  2. Create an app that will show real-time road safety statistics;
  3. Create a platform which allows citizen reporting for road crashes and combines data from DRIVER;
  4. Create visualizations to help the public understand and respond to crash data;
  5. Improve emergency medical response services for road crash victims; and
  6. Develop an advocacy campaign which emphasizes the need for data to make evidence-based decisions on road safety.
  • location_onCrowne Plaza, Ortigas
  • date_range2017 Mar 13 and 18
  • check_circleOrganized by the Department of Transportation
  • check_circleA chance to meet and network with developers
  • check_circleThere will be various swags to give out
  • check_circleA great and fun experience
  • check_circleFood, drink and snacks are free

Press Releases

Rider companion mobile app wins Road Safety Idea Hack 2017

DOTr, Grab, World Bank, and other agencies conclude 2-day hackathon


Manila, March 18, 2016 - A team of IT professionals who created a driver companion mobile application has been recognized as the grand winner in the recently concluded Road Safety Idea Hack 2017 organized by the Department of Transportation (DOTr), the World Bank, Grab Philippines, and other supporting agencies.

The 2-day event, which took place in Crowne Plaza in Ortigas on March 13 and 18, saw 23 groups come up with groundbreaking and innovative ideas to promote road safety. In the end, three groups from various fields of expertise took home the major awards from the said competition. The first-place winner was Digify and they took home ₱90,000 as cash prize. Coming in at second place was Haraya with DrivR and at third place was Thinking Machines with their interactive website, the two groups won ₱60,000 and ₱30,000, respectively.

The grand winning team, Digify presented a driver companion application they called “J.A.R.V.I.S” or “Just Another Road Safety Very Intelligent Service." The application provides data visualizations, guides, and safety statistics. The program will also utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to customize the user experience while improving data analysis.  

“The focus of the app is the safety of the driver and the ability to report safety concerns on the road as he travels. What this application brings to the table is that it presents the user with useful information and enables him to provide real-time data that in turn promises to be beneficial to other people on the road,” winning team Rodel Arenas and Gaile Sarmiento of Digify said in an interview.

The event’s host, transportation blogger James Deakin was impressed at the turnout of the hackathon. “Every time that people put their heads together and have an open dialogue about these important matters means that there is development and we are looking at a better and safer future in transportation,” he said in an interview.

Meanwhile, the Department of Transportation underscored the relevance of data in providing safer roads for all Filipinos.

“Road safety is our utmost priority that's why we invited some of the brightest minds in the country today to come together and work towards building a sustainable way to promote road safety.  This event is a perfect venue to provide insights on how we can maximize the use of the Data for Road Incident Visualization Evaluation and Reporting (DRIVER) system and other open data and open-source tools to  help the government mitigate accidents,” DOTr Assistant Secretary for Road, Mark de Leon said.

The hackathon was launched last March 13 and was set up to help solve the problem of growing number of road traffic fatalities and injuries globally.

The World Health Organization in its 2015 Global Status Report on Road Safety stated that there are roughly 1.2 million people who die each year due to road traffic crashes with 90 percent of that number coming from developing countries including the Philippines.

The call to improve road safety measures started last 2016 with the launch of Grab’s Open Traffic Data and the Data for Road Incident Visualization Evaluation and Reporting (DRIVER) system organized by the DOTr, Grab, World Bank and others.

The aforementioned system has already recorded more than 4,000 road incidents. This information is now being harnessed by government agencies like the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and Bonifacio Global City here in Metro Manila, as well as local government units in Cebu City and Dipolog City. The ideas conceptualized during the hackathon may improve or add helpful features to the current technological platform.

“We are all helping to make our modes of transportation safer and more accessible to all Filipinos. To solve this problem, we really need to partner with key stakeholders from every sector of society. We are thankful to the DOTr for spearheading projects like this that utilize Filipino ingenuity. Grab is proud to support these efforts and we are very much committed to help our government fulfill its road safety action plans,” Brian Cu, Grab Philippines Country Head said.

The Road Safety Idea Hack is a call for innovators to be creative in the use of ICT, digital media, and road data in addressing road safety problems. These solutions can be in the form of apps, platforms, websites, visualizations, advocacy campaigns, paper prototypes, maps and more.


8:00AM - 9:00AM Registration

9:00AM – 9:05AM National Anthem

9:05AM – 9:10AM Brief Welcome

9:10AM – 9:25AM Opening remarks by DOTr Secretary Arthur Tugade

9:25AM - 9:35AM Road Safety and MMDA by MMDA Chairman Thomas Orbos

9:35AM - 10:00AM Ceremonial signing by DOTr, MMDA, and DOH and picture-taking

10:00AM - 10:35AM What is the Road Safety Idea Hack?

10:35AM - 11:05AM Data for Road Incident Visualization Evaluation and Reporting by DOTr Assistant Secretary for Road, Mark de Leon

11:05AM - 11:35AM Big Data and Transport by Holly Krambeck of World Bank

11:35AM - 11:45AM Role of Private Sector in Road Safety by Brian Cu, Grab Country Head

11:45AM - 1:00PM Lunch

1:00PM - 5:00PM

Free Workshops at Emerald Rooms A, B, C



Emerald A

Emerald B

Emerald C

1:00 - 2:00pm

Open Data Initiatives

Saving Lives Through Road Safety

Inclusive Mobility and

Youth and Road Safety

2:00 -2:15


2:15 – 3:15pm

iRAP - International Road Assessment Program


OpenStreetMap and MapPH

3:15 – 3:45pm


3:45 – 4:45pm



Private Sector for Public Welfare by Grab and Globe


Emerald A

1. Workshop name: Open Data Initiatives

Workshop leader: Ivy Ong

Speaker profile: Ivy Ong

Ivy Ong is an Open Data Fellow at Making All Voices Count: a global initiative that supports innovation, scaling, and research to deepen existing innovations and help harness new technologies to enable citizen engagement and government responsiveness. Her past lives include leading the World Wide Web Foundation's Open Data Lab Jakarta as its Lab Director as well as the Program Coordinator for the Open Data Philippines Task Force. 


Workshop background:

Learn about what Open Data is, how businesses can be created from Open Data insights and how community needs can be met through the sharing of government data. A step-by-step process on how to access, create and work with open data sets is included in this workshop.


2. Workshop name: iRAP  (International Road Assessment Program)

Workshop leader: Mr. Greg Smith of iRAP


Speaker profile: Greg Smith, Managing Director, iRAP Strategic Projects

Greg leads the strategic projects division of the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP), a charity dedicated to preventing serious road crashes which are the leading cause of death for young people worldwide.

Greg works closely with governments, multilateral development banks, non-government organisations and industry on road infrastructure safety policy and projects globally, including in the Asia Pacific, European, African, Middle Eastern and Latin American regions.


Workshop background:

The International Road Assessment Program (iRAP) is a charity dedicated to creating a world free of high-risk roads. iRAP has developed a methodology that is used by more than 70 countries – including the Philippines - to star rate roads for safety based on their design and identify infrastructure safety countermeasure options. As a result iRAP has the largest road infrastructure risk database in the world. With the creation of DRIVER, there is now an opportunity to better understand the relationships between iRAP star ratings, road design and crash rates in the Philippines. This knowledge will help us to better predict where crashes are likely to occur and better target safety countermeasure investment to ultimately save lives.


3. Workshop name: Mapillary

Workshop leader: Mr. Erwin Olario of Mapillary


Speaker profile:

Erwin Olario is an OFW for over 10 years now - an Online Filipino Worker doing "data laundering", often wearing a 'GIS Specialist' cap, mostly working with academic research projects related to peace and conflict studies.  He works exclusively with Free and Open tools, and strongly advocates their use, and has been using Linux exclusively since 2000. 

He is a community and platform advocate of OpenStreetMap in the Philippines, a co-coordinator of the 2016 State of the Map Asia hosted in Manila. and also one of fifteen Global "Mapillary Ambassadors".


Workshop background:

Mapillary is a collaborative street-level imagery platform powered by computer vision. 

The company’s mission is to understand the world's places through images and make this understanding available to all. Mapillary provides apps and tools for everyone, enabling individuals, businesses, and governments worldwide to contribute with street-level imagery. All images are connected in 3D and objects recognized in images are automatically labeled and turned into geospatial data. Mapillary has a viewer, APIs, and developer tools for easy use of this imagery and geospatial data in a wide range of applications. Today, more than 100 million images have been contributed to Mapillary and are being used to better understand the world, helping cities and citizens develop infrastructure, map makers to build maps, and automotive companies to create safer transportation.


Emerald B


1. Workshop name: Saving Lives Through Road Safety

Workshop leaders: Atty. Yla Marie Gloria P. Paras of Ateneo School of Government, Atty.

Sophia San Luis of Imagine Law, Ms. Ellen Tordesillas of VERA Files


Speaker profile: Atty. Yla Gloria Marie Paras

Yla Gloria Marie Paras is Fellow for the Bloomberg Initiative Global Road Safety - Legal Development Programme (BIGRS-LDP) since August 2015. She is currently, policy and research associate at the Ateneo School of Government where she previously handled projects on road safety. Ms. Paras obtained her Juris Doctor degree from the Ateneo de Manila School of Law. Her thesis, "Redefining Philippine Torts Law - Meeting the Reasonable Care Requirement Adjudged By the Courts: A Law and Economics Approach" tackled aspects of road crashes and how case filed on these have been adjudicated by courts and how they determined liability.


Speaker profile: Atty. Sophia San

Sophia San Luis is the Executive Trustee of ImagineLaw, Inc., a non-profit public interest law organization that aims to utlize its public policy expertise in aid of development in the Philippines. In 2015, Sophia co-authored the Institutional and Legal Assessment of Road Safety in the Philippines with Ma. Paz Luna and Evita Ricafort, as consultant of HealthJustice. Sophia obtained her Juris Doctor degree at the University of the Philippines College of Law. She previously worked as a consultant for the Senate and a renewable energy regulatory affairs and public policy officer. Sophia is also engaged in private law practice as a partner in Martinez Ricafort Law.


Speaker profile: Ms. Ellen Tordesillas

Ms. Ellen Tordesillas is a journalist. She writes a column for Malaya, an English newspaper with a courageous history and Abante, the Philippine's leading tabloid. She’s also a trustee and writer of VERA Files, a group that undertakes in-depth reporting.


Workshop background:

Road safety is a pervasive problem in the world and in the country today. This workshop presents an overview of the global and Philippine road safety landscape, from the perspective of legislation, advocacy and the role of media in contextualizing road safety issues and pushing road safety advocacy. 

Participants will be introduced to the safe system approach to road safety, the framework for the Decade of Action for Road Safety and existing road safety laws in the Philippines, particularly focusing on the major risk factors- speeding, drink and drug-driving, helmets, seatbelts, child restraints, and distracted driving.


The workshop aims to develop a wider understanding about road safety not only among advocates and government institutions but more importantly among ordinary people, and to create collective consciousness and action to save lives.



Emerald C

1. Workshop name: Inclusive Mobility

2. Workshop name: Youth and Road Safety

Workshop leader: Lee Lambert


Speaker profile: Lee Lambert

Lee Lambert is a youth project designer from Scotland who works for the Asian Development Bank's Youth for Asia initiative. His role is to integrate meaningful youth participation in ADB operations across Asia and the Pacific. Currently Lee leads youth projects in sustainable transport and urban development in the Philippines, Georgia, Pakistan, Mongolia and Tajikistan. Prior to ADB, Lee has worked in sustainable development in NGOs in UK, Vietnam, Romania and Kenya. 


Workshop background:

Youth and Road Safety in Asia and the Pacific. The presentation aims to introduce ADB's operations in Road Safety and Sustainable Transport, highlighting the youth-led and youth-focused activities that Youth for Asia has initiated in the past year. As Road Safety is an issue that disproportionately affects youth, especially in developing Asia, the presentation will raise awareness of the importance of youth participation in road safety operations. Lee will introduce some ideas on how youth can contribute to road safety in various different areas such as awareness campaigns, behavioural change, data collection, and much more. There will be an interactive Q&A at the end of the talk for participants.


3. Workshop name: OpenStreetMap and MapPH

Workshop leader: Eugene Alvin Villa and Celina Agaton

Speaker profile: Eugene Alvin Villar

Eugene Alvin Villar is an information technology professional who enjoys writing software, developing web-based applications, and doing graphic design. Eugene currently does software development for Cadasta Foundation and he spends his free time contributing to and helping promote free and open knowledge projects such as Wikipedia, Wikidata, and OpenStreetMap.


Speaker profile: Celina Agaton

Celina Agaton is the Founder and Managing Director of MapPH, a cross sector civic and community engagement open data platform within the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. She has over 20 years of experience in civic tech and sustainably development in North and Central America and Asia.


Workshop background:

Learn the basics of the Wikipedia of Maps, OpenStreetMap and why it’s used by government agencies, international aid agencies and businesses like Grab. Join a global community of over 3 million OpenStreetMap registered users with mapping parties and events. helps layer public and private sector risk data within the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Learn how to report local needs for cross sector better coordination, planning and monitoring to help our communities.


4. Workshop name: Private Sector for Public Welfare

Workshop leaders: Jerome Montino and Kyne Lim from Grab, Anne Michelle Santos from Globe

Speaker profile: Jerome Montino

Jerome Montino is Grab's all star data monkey where he gets to express his love for data and programming to solve real social problems. He has over 5 years experience in software development, data analysis, and business systems. Prior to joining Grab (and actually so many years ago), Jerome attempted to beat the world record for most number of consecutive days without sleeping. He failed rather spectacularly.


Speaker profile: Kyne Lim

As a Business Process Improvement Executive with Grab, Kyne Lim co-led the launch of GrabShare and GrabPay credits in the country. He also supports the everyday operations of GrabCar, analyzing data to inform decisions on pricing and system changes.  Prior to joining Grab, Kyne did credit analysis for corporate accounts at HSBC as an assistant relationship manager. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Management Engineering summa cum laude from Ateneo de Manila University.


Speaker profile: Anne Michelle Santos

Anne Michelle Santos is the Product Manager of Globe Labs and a former Faculty Member of the University of Santo Tomas - Institute of Information and Computer Studies, with current professional interests in web and mobile application development, and data analytics and visualization.  She has a degree in Bachelor of Information Technology (UST), a Master in Information Technology (ADMU), and currently pursuing a degree in Master in Business Administration in UST - Graduate School.


Workshop background:

In a span of a little over 4 years, Grab grew from a small start-up serving a fleet of 40 drivers in Malaysia to a network serving 630,000 drivers in 6 countries in Southeast Asia, making it the region’s leading ride-hailing application. This talk will cover how Grab uses data in its mission to solve the region’s critical transportation challenges and become the safest transportation platform.

Globe Labs is an open platform of robust, standard-compliant, and scalable telco-powered APIs. Globe Labs APIs streamline the integration of 3rd-party partners, easily leveraging on telco capabilities namely SMS, voice,  location-based services, sponsored access and operator billing. This talk will feature how one can use Globe Labs APIs to power your application.

12:00NN – 1:00PM Registration

1:00PM – 1:05PM National Anthem

1:05PM – 1:10PM Brief Welcome

1:10PM – 1:25PM Opening Address by the Undersecretary of DICT

1:25PM – 2:00PM Idea Hack Mechanics, Judging criteria, Judging panel

2:00PM – 4:00PM Presentations

4:00PM – 4:30PM Short Break

4:30PM – 5:15PM Awarding

5:15PM – 5:30PM Closing Remarks by DOTr Assistant Secretary for Road, Mark de Leon

5:30PM – 7:00PM Networking and Dinner


Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, Ortigas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Quezon City, Philippines

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